Atoto a6 wiring harness

I waited a little to write this review and now that I have used the Atoto A6 for a while its time to write a review. The unit I purchased is the Standard version and it is packed full of features.

Now my Toyota Corolla has features of newer cars. The Atoto A6 has a bright 2din screen that dims automatically when you turn on the lights at night or you can adjust brightness manually. I connected an OBD2 bluetooth scanner since the radio has Torque app already installed and you can choose the info displayed on screen and how it is displayed.

Install apps, music, vide os in the SD card like any android device or stream from apps like Youtube, Spotify or Pandora using your phone's Hotspot. The only thing I miss on this unit would be a volume knob, but that's just nitpicking. A really good purchase, if you are deliberating whether to buy it or not Very good product. The only thing is that it didn't fit my metra kit for Mirage, so I had to scrape the kit slightly.

Feature wise it's good. It starts so quickly as promised and I am able to navigate via Google maps connected to WiFi hotspot created by my phone. Installation was easy after getting wiring harness and posi twist. Highly recommend for anyone looking for an Android stereo.

For a low cost Android car radio, this beat's any radio I looked at. Installation and set up was easy. Wiring harness was assume, labeling was great. Steering wheel controls still intact with the gm module.

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Highly recommend this radio. Perfect fit and awesome features. Product Key Features Operating System.

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Joying Android 8. Great Android Head unit I waited a little to write this review and now that I have used the Atoto A6 for a while its time to write a review.Get our Chrome plugin.

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[Review] ATOTO A6 Install in Subaru WRX

Software Platform. As suggested by other users, I took the time to "bench test" everything, load all my apps, check for firmware updates and configure the system using my home's LAN before heading for the garage to do the actual installation. I use my cell phone as a hot spot for the A6 Pro which keeps me on-line for use with Waze, Spotify and even my home security system.

The Google maps work identical to my Samsung Android phone so that was easy to learn. I have down loaded several apps without a hitch. The operation of the unit with the Android operating system was fairly easy to startup. This app works well to make and receive phone calls or text messages.

Plan on spending some time learning this app as I did and it works good. I only wish Atoto had installed and setup this app at the factory I love the fact it comes with the torque app for the on board vehicle diagnostics and systems monitoring. The system is fast and has internet conectability and customizable options. I love the flexibility of the android operating system! LOVE the freedom of having an Android radio. Installed it in a Ford Explorer.

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I mainly bought it for being able to run the Torque app in the car. Track custom deep topics? Sound Quality. Has a full equalizer with the sliders and separate sub controlls. The sound is very good quality. Some inconveniences but the sound quality is there which is what's most important.

The A6 offers tons of features, beautiful 7" touchscreen display and outputs excellent sound quality 4v preamps, built-in EQ, sub controls. Great sound quality and good radio reception, but cheap and plain interface. I liked the features and the quality of the sound is great the radio is fair nothing great about it the micro sd card works fair a little glitchy hate I cant use the sd card on my computer and download everything I want also takes forever over even fast wifi to download and then put it in the unit it makes you format it and delete everything which means sitting in your car over wifi trying to watch it slowly and in and out speeds to download from unit be aware it will kill your battery fast if I did not expect it to sound this good.

In fact, due to the factory sound, I never got around to installing my Polk 4 channel amp. It sounds far better than my factory WRX radio. Mind you I am currently running polk 2-way 5x7's in the front and factory ford speakers in the rear. A great update would be to use the SmartView Function for android. I love that I can run apps natively using my phone as a WiFi hotspot! The software runs identical to the 7 inch version.

While I'm tempted to customize the launch screen and switch to a popular music player the default receiver and music player are not fancy but they actually perform very well. Its easy to use voice recognition "OK Google, directions to home" or "OK Google, directions to grocery store near me" to navigate. I used the play store and downloaded the carwebguru launcher, which i think looks better than the default launcher, and there are a number of others out there you can use to make accessing apps and files and widgets happen the way you want.JOIN Wires Due to popular demand, we now offer to professionally solder and heat shrink any two of the harnesses available below.

If the radio does not have a backup camera Input, then there will be no visualization of the vehicle settings. An externally mounted screen could be substituted in this situation. The aftermarket radios backup camera input will be used to display the vehicle settings. Innovative convenience features such as retaining last memory settings for vehicle models with Start-Stop, Eco-mode, Sport-mode and Remote Start Climate Control are provided.

Unlocks navigation system for use by a passenger while the vehicle is in motion. And other key vehicle features when upgrading to an aftermarket head unit.

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Greatly simplifies the installation of the Maestro RR module. Greatly simplifies the installation of the Maestro RR module sold separately. Maestro RR2 offers the same exclusive infotainment retention and exclusive svcreens as the Mestro RR while adding support for additional vehicles and enabling Bluetooth programming directly from your IOS and Android mobile device.

Basic radio retention features are also available with non-iDatalink-compatible radios. Some accessories and aftermarket radio are required and sold separately. Retain the functions of your factory amplifier. Use 6pin, 8pin,12pin and 20 pin stereo connectors.

Retain the use of factory amplifier. Specifications: Uses 20pin stereo connector. The interface is pre-programmed for retention of steering wheel controls. Also retains factory 4" screen, factory aux input, voice command features, and phone pick up and hang up functions using the steering wheel control buttons.

The system comes with built-in Bluetooth and microphone. Bluetooth functionality: Hands Free Car Phone Calls: Make hands free phone calls in your car HFPaccept or reject phone call using car stereo or steering wheel button, and talk using car stereo speakers and provided microphone. Wireless music streaming: Stream music from smartphone to the factory stereo via Bluetooth wireless audio A2DPcontrol music with the car stereo buttons or steering wheel controls AVRCP.Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community.

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atoto a6 wiring harness

Yes, it does. You can first check the information on www. If you have any question or need any help, please kindly contact Atoto support team "support myatoto. Yes friend put it in his. Just get appropriate wire jack and make sure you the correct double din for the cover plate. Few are not correct.

What is the difference between the "P" and the "PB" version? The PB Version with Physical Buttons also has a bezel around the screen which can make sliding down the menu and pressing the buttons at the bottom difficult.

I have ordered the P version to test. Does this fit ford raptor? Yes, go to metraonline, and buy the frame kit to your raptor, and the correct wire to adapter the old connector to the radio. Will this fit toyota corolla altis? I have a Sienna and it works fine. I think most Toyota's are similar in this respect. Will i need a wiring harness for the a6ypb to fit my f so i can use steering wheel controlls?Remember Me? Site Navigation. I've had this headunit in my yota for about 6 months.

I highly recommend it. It has optional accessories. It also has wifi and GPS. Stand alone android OS. I have google maps offline maps saved on it, so it doesn't need internet to start navigating.

atoto a6 wiring harness

Attached Images. Member's Picture Albums. How many camera inputs?? Only 2 or will it do 4 cameras? Originally Posted by Mackalicious. I too just installed an Android head unit with GPS today. A cheap one because I'm not that much of an audiophile but it seems to have most the same things.

What it doesn't have is AM radio. Only FM. That was disappointing. It also has a thin form factor so I had to get a little creative installing it today. I'll do the backup camera at a later time but the wiring is all there tucked under the passenger seat for now.Can you post or possibly message me the changes you made from the wiring diagram to get your steering wheel controls to work? Here is the essential information: Make sure you have the right manual. I dont know of all boxes have this problem or not.

Eventually, the support dept sent me this link to correct A6 Pro Manual.

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That is incorrect. Instead you should connect one of the vehicle wires either one to chassis ground and connect the other vehicle wire to either ATOTO pin 5 or 6. I'll attach diagrams of my actual pin-outs but I think the uses different connectors versusso double check. I could PM you the '12 service manual if you don't already have it. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers.

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atoto a6 wiring harness

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XDA Feed The best way to get cutting edge news about your device! Thanks Meter : I still love the Subaru WRX and it was time to upgrade the car stereo. Good dash fit - Support a backup camera - Built-in navigation - Decent audio quality, using the factory speakers Important features: - Excellent display -- wide field of view, good in sunlight e.

Many of these car stereos support Android Auto. They have pleasing UI layout, good documentation, and hopefully good technical support.I bought this to hook up harness and everything but can't get steering wheel controls to work. Do I need an additional module for swc? If so what's the part number. Any pictures of wire setup? Sorry for bothering you but seems like the best person to ask. I followed another tip to connect the pac swi wires to the key wire. Any chance you can point me in the right direction.

The pac harness I bought is all in one so I dont need the seperate harness just for the swi. Thanks in advance.

Im getting feedback from the pac module blinking red with all button presses. I have updated both firmwares to the most recent versions. When I go to program the Steering Wheel Controls through the Atoto system, it is only recognizing no more than 3 of the buttons on the Steering Wheel.

I have tried wiring the Atoto to the 3.

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This is installed with the Metra kit for my vehicle. I fitted into my Dodge GrandCaravan and also added a rear view camera! Everything works exceptionally well including the factory steering wheel control I am now Wazing and enjoying my music in my car!! Steering wheel control -- 2. Rear View Camera -- 3.

Atoto A6 Android head unit install / review

Dodge Installation Trim Kit including Antenna adapter 4. Soldering iron and solder 5. Trim Panel removal tool -- 7. Dremel tool set You need some cutting -- 8. Wire stripper -- 9. Multi meter -- Electrical tape -- Once remove the screws, gently pull the radio out and disconnect the factory harness and radio connector, the radio connector is pretty fragile, be careful not to break it Connect the harnesses, open the PAC harness package, you need to determine which harness to use, for my car, it was the one with slightly bigger connector, try it on the factor harness first.

Like picture 1 3.

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Wrap the harness, go ahead and wrap the harness so the wires dont go crazy 4. Then connect the 7pin connector white comes out from your PAC interface to your SWI unit, go to your vehicle, connect to factory harness and follow instructions from PAC every car is different, you need to follow the factory instructions and program it, then use the multiulmeter to find the pins output the resistive differences this is a bit tricky, my suggestion is to solder wires to each pins on the 3.

Placing the antennas, place them anywhere you like, even including inside the radio hole, but I went ahead and place the antennas across the trim and near the wind shield on the driver side so they get better reception.

Actually installation, because ATOTO is slightly higher than stock unit you need to do a bit cutting, first cut the TRIM Kit side panel about 2mm from both sides, then use Dremel to trim down the top and bottom notch of the stock Trim piece or until it fits 7.

Back up camera is also fairly easy, hook it up with the reverse light and tuck the cable under the trim and you are good to go Hope it is helpful, please leave me a message if you need any help!

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